Transform Health Insurance with Proprietary Data Linking, Claims Analytics, and Predictive Science

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Health Insurance Data and Analytics Solutions

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The insurance industry is grappling with high loss ratios, inflated by medical provider waste and billing related abuse. Inadequate non-actionable data is hampering profitability and the path to improving network provider management.

Data and advanced analytics from LexisNexis empowers you to make better informed decisions to help improve network management and loss ratios.

Health insurance solutions can help improve loss ratios

Make better informed decisions faster

Help optimize quality and improve your workflow performance with next generation data and analytics

Enhance claims-handling efficiency

Transform health insurance claims processing with proprietary data linking, claims analytics, and predictive science

Improve loss ratios

Gain competitive advantage and reduce loss ratios by identifying suspicious billing patterns, leveraging actionable data insights

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We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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