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Insurance Telematics—Driver Scoring and Pricing Insight for Better Risk Management

Insurance Telematics

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Driver Scoring and Pricing Insights, UBI Program Management

Auto insurance insights from a pre-scaled telematic platform that enables our partners to price better and gain a competitive advantage. Our core competency is data and analytics based on our proven ability to provide end-to-end UBI program management, scoring and a single method of driver rating, regardless of data source.

End-to-End Telematics—Powering New Consumer Engagement

Our Products & Services are in Modular Form

Our series of insurance market-facing modules are built on a single and consistent technology stack - our global telematics platform. Our products and services address the precise needs of your telematics enabled insurance markets requirements today, are catalysts for profitable growth, and are designed for continued service expansion and market reach into new market segments beyond young and inexperienced drivers.

We Care About Data as Much as You Do

We employ over 100 data scientists who are dedicated to risk modeling and analytics to help our customers transform risk measurement. We deliver extendable data protection services to meet the compliance requirements of any of our markets. We protect over 50 billion records from over 10,000 sources and have 40 years experience as a digital custodian of personal data.

We Collect Driving Data from Multiple Technology Sources

We are the repository for telematics data, regardless of the technology source, including our insurance partners, smartphones, connected cars, traditional black-box deployments and new tethered smartphone applications.

We Transform This Data into Insight

We filter, normalize and contextualize driver data to provide a more consistent and rateable driving score. This transforms consumer pricing and enables individual driver rates based on their precise level of risk. For the driver, we communicate with drivers through app-based educational programs to help reduce collision likelihood and promote safer driving.

Insights and Resources

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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