Telematics Software Development Kit (SDK)

Build your own telematics app

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of compatible technologies that provides developers with the tools and access to quickly create and integrate applications to services that connect to the LexisNexis® telematics platform in a secure environment. Our SDK makes the most out of connected car technology.


Data processing systems in a secure, maintained and documented environment
We provide secure access to our Global Telematics Platform to enable developers to build their applications.

Easier and faster app production
LexisNexis® Telematics SDK is a package of services and features that allows developers to embed their solutions on mobile applications. The SDK performs the capture of journey data and connection to servers and services of big data and analytics.

Driving scores
LexisNexis® Global Telematics Platform normalizes and analyzes data. Based on that, we generate driving scores and reports for our customers.


Data Capture
LexisNexis® Telematics SDK allows the recording and processing of vehicle journeys by capturing data from GPS and other native mobile device functionalities. The SDK optimizes battery consumption efficiency and can automatically start and stop second-by-second recording of trips, as well as offline recording and storage.

Android e iOS
The SDK supports development in both Android and iOS applications, with specific versions for each operational system.

Complete or partial app
LexisNexis® Global Telematics Platform APIs provide services to access functionalities, enabling the development of a complete application or the partial implementation of functionalities, as required by the customer.

Additionally, a range of APIs with communication interface to the LexisNexis® Global Telematics Platform web services are available.

How our SDK Works
  • Developer creates mobile application for the client and as part of this, uses the Telematics SDK. SDK manages data collection from mobile devices (from within mobile app)
  • Telematics data is transferred to the Global Telematics Platform
  • Telematics data is transformed, analysed and scored by the Global Telematics Platform
    REST services manage dashboard
  • Client application requests data for the relevant User account
  • Customer presents scored data and additional features within their own application

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