Risks & Attributes Score - Location

Improve underwriting and pricing processes using a unified score to identify risks in each region

High predictive power and multiple data sources

The Risks & Attributes Score - Location has been built with a scoring methodology created by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a world leader in the development of scores for the insurance market, with the application of processes that normalize, filter and contextualize data from multiple sources to produce a unified view of risk. The result is a score with high predictive power that allows you to assess the risks of addresses at point of quoting with greater accuracy than existing models available in the market.


Support for new products
Support for creation and implementation of new products, regionalization of business or expansion of existing products.

Insights by region
New insights for pricing, allowing the insurer to adjust rates according to each region’s risk, benefitting the client and protecting the book of business.

Unified Score
Delivery of a unified score that frames multiple data sources.


Created for the Brazilian market
Built for the Brazilian insurance market, taking into account variations and characteristics of each region of the country.

Unique combination of data sources
Over 20 collections of data selected to build more than 500 attributes, such as

  • Demographic data
  • Socioeconomic indicators
  • Public safety indices
  • Topography and climate data
  • Mobility data
  • Points of interest

Accurate and up-to-date data sources
Constantly adding new data sources to keep risk factors accurate and up-to-date.

Greater granularity
Models built to capture regional variations with greater granularity.

Tested in real cases
Assumptions and probabilities tested in real insurance cases.

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